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R. I. P. Donna Louise (Redmon) Lawson, creator of Missouri Mule

This page is dedicated to the search for our ancestors. My son, Tim, is helping me and we are finding it quite interesting. These are some of our ancestors, and most of them date back to before 1850. The names should be linked to a page. This information may change from time to time as we acquire more information. We will keep updating the information until we know everything there is to know about our ancestors. Who knows when that will be! And, yes, we are from Missouri!!

DISCLAIMER: We believe most of the information listed here to be correct, but we can not guarantee that to be the case. Your additions are welcome, and don't hesitate to call our attention to inaccuracies. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Thank you.

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My Husband's side of the family!
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